Tafyrn's Den


Tafyrn looks up from his book and smiles to the visitor: Welcome, please do have a seat. Make yourself at home.

If we have not had the pleasure of meeting before, please allow me to introduce myself. I am Tafyrn, a tawny arctic wolf of twenty seven winters. I am currently residing in the land of Kasuria, Furcadia, which is a wonderful place where I have met many friends and learned many things. When I am not sitting beside the watering hole in New Haven, reading, I am often found helping other furres with their dreams, and talking with friends and acquaintances.

Tafyrn smiles, and continues: Here, and on my livejournal, you will find many of my creations and gifts back to this wonderful community. I sincerely hope that you enjoy what I have created here, and I would be honoured to hear your thoughts and comments.
Furcadia Dreams
This section includes dreams created for use within Furcadia. These dreams are typically created to illustrate more complex aspects of DragonScript, and to provide re-usable building blocks that can be used to create and enhance your own dreams.
Furcadia DragonSpeak
This section includes small re-usable blocks of DragonSpeak that you can use within your dreams. Each of these functions have been tested and verified to work, and include a description, instructions of how they are used and a brief theory of operation.
Furcadia Patches
This section includes patches created for use within Furcadia. These patches are either original creations by myself, or are commissioned works contributed back to the community.
Furcadia Scripts
This section includes scripts created for use with Furcadia. These scripts are typically used to perform useful tasks related to dream creation and documentation.
Furcadia Tutorials
(Coming Soon...)
This section includes a series of tutorials that explain and illustrate how to perform many common tasks associated with the weaving of dreams within Furcadia.
Furcadia Resources
This section includes references to many recommended Furcadia resources I have encountered during my travels.
Writings & Musings
(Coming Soon...)
This section contains short stories, poetry and other works that I have written over the years for your enjoyment and consideration.
This section includes various original musical compositions performed and recorded for your enjoyment.
This section contains various photographs taken during my travels both near and far from my homes as I explore this world around me.
Site News
This section provides a comprehensive revision history of the contents and structure of this site.
Skilled Patcher Wanted
Tafyrn & Associates is seeking the services of a skilled Patcher to create a set of commissioned art for use within a dream. Interested furres should apply via e-mail, and provide one or more examples of their work within Furcadia.

Please send comments, questions, suggestions and requests to tafyrn@kasuria.com
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