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Introduction Please find below a collection of photographs that are quite special to me. I am very pleased to have this opportunity to share these moments with yourself.

The most recent photographs are displayed at the top. Photographs from the previous months are archived onto separate pages that can be accessed from the bottom of this page.

In addition to these special photos, I post a new photo each day to my tafs_pictures LiveJournal community.
Name 2005 - Photograph and Description

Soft clouds above me
I reach out my arms to you
The Earth at my feet

Worn walls of time

Stone of the ages
An eyeblink, man comes and goes
Yet beauty remains

Lone Pine

Upon the barren rock
A lone pine doth defy fate
To survive, to live

First Snow

Freshly falling snow
Green spikes resist white blanket
Quiet peace descends

Name 2004 - Photograph and Description
Summers End

Vivid contrast
Black lightning moving skyward
Reaching for the sun

Autumn Vibrance

Autumns' sky so smooth
Natures colours unleashed
Beauty consumes all

Lakeside Sunrise

Fire and Water
Early morning's thoughtful gift
Our surface so thin

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Last Updated on: 2005-05-31