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Introduction I am not trained or particularly skilled in the creation of music, but have always found it relaxing activity. As my friends have advised me that they enjoy what I have created, and as I believe that that created deserves to be shared, I have placed these compositions here for your listening pleasure.
Name Music and Description (2005)
Falling Leaves
Live recording, MP3 format

A simple chord progression played with the left, and improvised accompaniment with the right. Each time a little different. I quite like the timing, though I did noticed that I sped up a little at the end. I suspect that it comes across as a little somber, though.

I dedicate this song to the tree I have in my home, which over the last week has sadly lost almost all of it's leaves.

Impending Decision
Live recording, MP3 format

This is a longer piece, based around several variations of the melody played with the right hand in conjunction with the note of A played with the left hand. I added strings as an experiment, and was quite pleased how much depth and fullness they added.

From a technical standpoint, this composition has an interesting aspect to it, one that I have not heard in a piano piece before. Throughout the entire piece, a single chord is played, almost like a drone is used with some wind instruments. If anyone knows what the term to describe this is, I would be most grateful to know.

I have named this song "Impending Decision", because it reminds me of the deliberation that occurs when everyone knows that they must make a decision that no one wishes to make.

Name Music and Description (2004)
Live recording, MP3 format

A descending piano piece, recorded live.

The Journey
First Mixdown, MP3 format
Second Mixdown, MP3 format (Updated!)

My first experiment with use of strings and layering tracks. The string tracks were recorded live, with the piano tracks then overlayed using GarageBand. In general, I am quite pleased with how this turned out, despite it taking me quite some time to get the piano tracks to the point where I like them.

Autumn Breeze
Live recording, MP3 format

Another relaxing piano piece. I particularly like the progression, as it does not depend on chords being played with the right hand to create a complex counterpoint to the main melody.

Memories of Summers Past
Live recording, MP3 format
First Mixdown, Piano and Strings, MP3 format

Another composition, in two variations, the second with a string accompanyment. I don't think that the strings in this song came out as nicely as they did in "The Journey", as they are a little overpowering. I may update this variation to adjust the levels, or redo that part of the song.

Suku's Wedding
Live recording, MP3 format
Sheet Music, PDF format

A friend of a friend was discussing their wedding while we sat in the TrueLight Abby. While I was sitting there, admiring the setting, this theme came to mind, and I recorded down a quick take. After some editing, and the addition of a string track, here is the result. All in all, I think this is one of the best songs I have written.

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