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Introduction This section includes patches created for use within Furcadia. These patches are either original creations by myself, or are commissioned works contributed back to the community.

All of the patches provided here include a dream illustrating their use, and are unencrypted. If you use these patches, please include credits and take a few minutes to read the include readme files.
Patch Set Name Description
Japanese Syllabic Scripts
(2004-02-06, Revision 1)
Two sets of patches are provided, a floore that can be used to assemble square grid writing paper, and an iteme that includes the basic Hiragana and Katakana glyphs.

These patches and the associated dream are especially useful for providing reading practice in Japanese.

Furcadia Pallete for PS
(2004-02-12, Revision 1)
The included pallete file is used within Photoshop as a swatch, and allows for better dithering/colour space reduction to the furcadia colour set. It does not include the remappable colours.

When creating patches, I work in RGB colourspace within Photoshop while editing, reduce to indexed colours using this pallete, then save as a bitmap. Then I open the bitmap in Paint, and copy and paste into the FSH Editor.

Please send comments, questions, suggestions and requests to tafyrn@kasuria.com
Last Updated on: 2004-10-12