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Introduction This section includes scripts created for use with Furcadia. These scripts are typically used to perform useful tasks related to dream creation and documentation.

All of the scripts provided here are written using the Ruby scripting language. Since Ruby is not widely known, a tutorial has been provided to assist in using these scripts.
Script Name Description
Ruby Tutorial
(2004-10-06, Revision 2)
Ruby is a scripting language with all of the power and little of the pain of Perl. All of the scripts provided on this page require the Ruby 1.8 runtime.

This page provides a basic tutorial about getting ruby running on Windows, and how to use ruby scripts once ruby is installed.
DSB -> DS Converter
(2004-09-13, Revision 2)
This script converts unencrypted DragonSpeak Binary (.dsb) files into DragonScript (.ds) text files.

There are several limitations associated with the conversion process, specifically that strings and variable names are not preserved.
DS Colour Markup
This script takes DS text and generates HTML with the same colour markup as seen in the Furcadia DragonSpeak Editor. This is particularly useful for posting DragonSpeak examples on the web.

An example of the output from this script is provided below:

It was only after that I wrote this script that I discovered that the DragonSpeak Editor contains a built in Export to HTML feature.

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Last Updated on: 2004-10-08