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Introduction This section includes dreams created for use within Furcadia. These dreams are typically created to illustrate more complex aspects of DragonScript, and to provide re-usable building blocks that can be used to create and enhance your own dreams.
Dream Name Description
Roller Coaster
(2004-10-03, Revision 1)
This dream illustrates how to use the included DragonScript to create roller coasters, trains and other furre-movers. Unique aspects include the ability to define the path that the train will follow by using floor tiles.

The DS included can be easily integrated into an existing dream, and require minimal customizations to make operational.
Roller Coaster
(2004-10-05, Revision 2)
A modification of the above Roller Coaster dream, this varient provides two additional seats and allows the train to travel in both directions. The track layout also shows how to turn the train around.
Train Switches
(2004-10-06, Revision 1)
This dream illustrates how to add switches to the Roller Coaster dream. These switches allow the path of the train to be switched from one set of tracks to another.

For a more in-depth discussion of how switches work, see the Train Switches Explanation.
Game of Tag
(2004-10-10, Revision 2)
This dream illustrates how to have a floor follow a furre around, and demonstrates how to do basic collision detection. This is used to implement the game of "Tag", where a furre is "it", and when they tag another furre, the tagged furre becomes "it".

This dream does not use variables, and allows multiple furres to be "it" at the same time, allowing great pack hunting fun.
Game of Tag 2
(2004-10-10, Revision 1)
This dream illustrates how to implement a game of tag using variables. It provides the same capabilities as the above dream, except that only one furre may be "it" at a time, and that it is not limitied to a single floor type.
Game of Tag 3
(2005-04-17, Revision 1)
This dream expands upon the grame of tag described above. It has the following enhancements:

- Allows to furres to be it at the same time.
- Has doors that only a furre that is not it can go through.
- Has doors that only a furre that is it can go through.
(2004-11-30, Revision 1)
This dream dynamically creates a maze as the furre walks through it, such that each time there is a different maze.
Tree Farm
This dream illustrates how to handle deferred actions by keeping track of where the furre planted a seed, then slowly causing the tree to grow over time.

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