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Enhanced Cuff DS
The cuff DS seems to be quite popular, and is very frequently asked for by furres for inclusion in their dreams. The DragonSpeak provided on the Furcadia Forums Frequently Asked DragonSpeak CODE provides a good implementation of the cuff function, but has two limitations that are frequently asked about.

This version below is based on the above linked cuff DS, with modifications to provide the following additional capabilities:

1) It provides the ability to drag a cuffed furre across teleports and through doors.

2) It allows you to cuff a furre by facing them, then saying the trigger phrase, instead of having to bump into them after saying the trigger phrase.

As this DS was written by Carrie O'Kaye, Darkhorse Pterid and Graphite, then modified by myself, it is required that you honour the original authors request that if you use a code, you MUST credit the authors -- it is not optional, it is a MUST.

Remember to change {Captor} to your name, and as per the original instructions.

Please send comments, questions, suggestions and requests to tafyrn@kasuria.com
Last Updated on: 2004-10-25