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Shooting DS
The introduction of the Squrrel update brough many good things, but also introduced several bugs. One of thse bugs prevents the (5:1000) effect from working properly, which has broken many of the existing DS snippets for shooting an object out from where the furre is standing.

The version below uses a timer to avoid depending on the (5:1000) effect, and will allow for an object of the users choice to be shot out in the direction which the using furre is facing. The distance of travel, objects used and behaviour when a furre is hit by the object can all be customized.

Due to the limitations of timers to second granularity, the velocity at which the object will travel is one step per second.

No credit is required for the use of this DS.

If you wish to restrict which furre can use this DS, add additional conditions to all of the DS blocks that start with the (0:19) cause.

Please send comments, questions, suggestions and requests to tafyrn@kasuria.com
Last Updated on: 2005-01-31