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Enhanced Cart DS
The following DS is loosely based on the F3 cart ride DS as provided on the Furcadia Forums Frequently Asked DragonSpeak CODE. It enables the furre to move around on a set of four objects, one for each direction, by pressing the "use" (F3) button.

This version below is based on the above linked Cart Ride DS, with modifications to provide the following additional capabilities:

1) Uses constant variables to allow the objects and floor to easily be changed.

2) Allows use of four objects, one for each direction.

In order to use this DS, make sure you change the patch and floor numbers in the constants section at the top to match the patches you are using and the floor you would like to be able to travel on.

To remove the restriction that it only be able to travel on a specific floor type, remove the (1:40) through (1:43) conditions.

As this DS was written by Graphite, then modified by myself, it is required that you honour the original authors request that if you use a code, you MUST credit the authors -- it is not optional, it is a MUST.

Please send comments, questions, suggestions and requests to tafyrn@kasuria.com
Last Updated on: 2004-10-25